Make Injection Molding Machine More Valuable Make Injection Molding Machine More Valuable
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Service is the advantage and offering customer satisfaction is our target of service team.
We offering prompt service in various field of service. 

Haijing Plastic Moulding Machine’s service ranges

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Before plastic moulding machine sales service
 Haijing sales team and plastic moulding machine service team help customer in selection of the most suitable optional for plastic moulding machine, also help customers to select the suitable and most economical model or type. And can provide the plastic mould’s design and moulding parameter suggestions.
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During the plastic moulding machine sales service
 Haijing helps customer to make the workshop display, such like electricity line and cooling water installation. Also will offer the free training to the buyers’ workmen.
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After sales service
 Haijing will send engineers to help customer make the plastic moulding machine in stallation, plastic moulding with the ready made moulds running, operation and skill training to the workers in the workshop. During the 1 year guarantee time, Haijing offers all the damaged parts free of charge and response to parts assembling. If the plastic moulding machine out of guarantee time, Haijing keeps on offering very prompt service, especially in the area which have set up the service center. 
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In order to make better services
 Haiing is now seeking or negotiating with so many plastic moulding machine engineering teams in different countries. We are waiting for many skillful teams who can work with us together to offer better service for plastic moulding machines.
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service centers and agencies
 Hajing has established various countries service center and agency in Algeria, Kenya, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Jordan and so on. And we are looking for more and more partners to join the great development of Haijing Plastic Machinery Marketing Service network. Welcome your enquiry and joint to grow with us shoulder by shoulder.


Service is the advantage and offering customer satisfaction is our target of service team.
We offering prompt service in various field of service. 

24H E-Service

Haijing injection molding machine provide 24-hour online Service E-Service, each injection molding machine has scan code label on the machine accordingly to provide timely and fast online services and remote technical support.

A Sound International
Service Network

Haijing has more than 20 countries around the world is equipped with the service point and country agent. Each injection molding machine enjoys a timely and efficient on-site service and technical support. All injection molding machine users enjoy life-long maintenance services. Haijing provide technical support, accessories to support the best quality service and good care.

On-site Installation,
Training, Equipment Maintenance
And System Upgrade

Haijing engineering services team has offered for more than 70 countries or regions in the world of customers with injection molding machine installation, training, equipment maintenance and long-term after-sales tracking, technical support services and system upgrade. In China domestic, Haijing provinces and cities provide free help installation, commissioning, training, technology and operating personnel.

One-stop Service
Turnkey Project

For turnkey project, haijing provide a system of pre-sale workshop design production line analysis, sale production installation and after-sale technical support training with ISO management system, professional and efficient. Welcome to learn more

Convenient Accessories
Purchase Network

Haijing provides a convenient network service, online rapid pricing, allowing you to easy spare components purchase. On the other hand, Haijing has more than 70% of the imported components with specification matching your country, that enables you to locations around the world convenient purchase.

Molding Technical
Support With Mold Upgrade

Haijing, providing customers with turn-key project production line, provides unique mold flow analysis and technical support, for customers tailored production line solution.In the optimization of production capacity, improving equipment moving rate, Haijing offer more economic and efficient performance when choosing injection molding machine production line. By mould performance optimization and injection molding machine customization, Haijing guides your success in the competition in plastic

Long-term Care
Human-computer Interaction

Our service engineers will track regular satisfaction, and put forward the use of opinions and Suggestions to the customer for analysis machine application, so as to continuously improve machine the optimization of man-machine interface. Haijing system remind user maintenance of the machine regularly , answer your technical enquiries. For users to Haijing feedback advice, can get free gifts and auxiliaries.

Molding Service

Plastic molding support
Large components injection molding service
Marketing strategy support
Mold analysis and manufacturing





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